More than a Map

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When it’s been designed by Luis Dilger it’s not really prudent to label it a map, at least not as we’re used to seeing them.

Working out of his studio in Ravensburg, Germany, Luis creates pieces that are minimal, modern, and razor sharp, with clean lines and considered composition seemingly high on his list of priorities. 

In this case his pieces aren’t really functional in a traditional sense, and the lack of notation and artistic cropping mean they’re not going to get you back to your hotel when you’re lost in a far away city after one too many. They are, however, absolutely gorgeous and incredibly unique pieces of art.

Designed with a modern twist, Luis used OpenStreetMap data (courtesy of Google) and Cinema 4D to digitally construct these masterful maquettes of modern metropolises. They include 3D topographical details, and the capillaries of roadways meandering throughout make each piece feel much more alive than your average map.

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If you’d like to see more of Luis’ work, or to purchase a print of your favourite city, check out his Society 6 account HERE


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