Monstrously Cute

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The Gibble is a jumpy monster, easily startled, and fiercely cute. The Alot is a grammatically incorrect beast born of Hyperbole and a Half. The Leeki is made up of layers of colour and, surprise, surprise, leaks rainbows from its facehole, it’s also pretty damn adorable.

This horde of monsters is the work of Love and a Sandwich, a pretty awesome online shop that sells plush monsters. From Catbus Loaves to Moustache monsters, these are the cutest lil beasties in town. Made by critter creator Chelsea Bloxsom, this crafty artist often posts doodles of her monster friends before she brings them to life! These yetis, beasts and sasquatches are the sweetest, fiercest, most original monsters we’ve ever seen.

Brimming with imagination, and furrier than your average sewer-dweller, these handmade, one-of-a-kind, embroidered creatures are inspiringly creative. You can even design your own Monstroctopus, choosing the number of eyes, the colour of its eyelids, shape of its antlers, tentacles and more.

Kinda spooky, 100% ‘adorkable’, and the least scary of all the monsters under all the beds, these are the cuddly toys you wish you’d had as a kid. With a twist of Tribble, a hint of Mogwai, a splash of Sully, and a spoonful of Ewok, these often Studio Ghibli influenced cuddlies are the monsters of our dreams. You can even buy the original illustrations that inspired these fluffy cuties. And as if these adorbs Frankenstein ghouls weren’t achievement enough, Chelsea is also the author of craft-gasm book Adventure Time Crafts.

You can see more of Chelsea‘s marvellous monsters over at, and glimpse some of her development illustrations over on her Instagram


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