Mirror works

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Drawing can be pretty complicated to pick up, especially when you want to capture detail. Hungarian artist, István Orosz, doesn’t seem to struggle at all and has taken it a step further by creating hidden pictures that can only be seen once a mirror is added – just thinking about creating something like this makes my brain ache.  His talents don’t just stop at mirror drawings, he’s also a dab hand at animation, painting and graphic design.

You can check out more of his work via his website here.

anamorphic-art-by-istvan-orosz-13 anamorphic-art-by-istvan-orosz-12 anamorphic-art-by-istvan-orosz-1 anamorphic-art-by-istvan-orosz-2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA anamorphic-art-by-istvan-orosz-7 anamorphic-art-by-istvan-orosz-5 anamorphic-art-by-istvan-orosz-10 anamorphic-art-by-istvan-orosz-3 anamorphic-art-by-istvan-orosz-4 anamorphic-art-by-istvan-orosz-6

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