Miniature Wire Bonsai

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Anyone in the Bonsai biz knows that you can use wire to help define the path of a growing branch, thus allowing you to sculpt the miniature trees to whatever shapes you should so wish. 

American crafter and Bonsai master, Ken To, shows that you don’t necessarily need the tree to embody the spirit of Bonsai. In these cases Ken has foregone the natural element entirely, what were originally a way to practice his skills for traditional Bonsai have now become a respected set of sculptures in their own right.

Though Ken’s sculptures are contemporary in their construction they adhere strictly to the principles of traditional bonsai aesthetics and every piece is lovingly, and quite painstakingly, hand shaped. 9528141 9920141 90317151 91115141 91124141 a_large_ror_wire_bonsai_tree_by_ken_to_by_kentoart-d8rcd6i flocked_wire_bonsai_tree_with_deadwood_by_ken_to_by_kentoart-d8qu6y1 humongous_wire_bonsai_tree_sculpture_by_ken_to_by_kentoart-d8ovvj2 micro_pink_wire_bonsai_tree_by_ken_to_by_kentoart-d8rgo7o red_and_purple_wire_bonsai_tree_by_ken_to_by_kentoart-d893f8p

 This is but a small collection of Ken’s work, to see the entire selection of Bonsai (he also sells pots and stands, should you be interested in growing/sculpting your own) visit his site HERE.

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