Matchstick Earth

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There’s something quite symbolic about this ‘matchstick earth’ as it could easily demonstrate how fragile our planet really is.  But fear not, this piece by American artist Andy Yoder, covered this matchstick earth with flame retardant.  

Andy spent two years making this stunning sculpture, which is entitled Early One Morning, and is a massive 106cm in diameter. 

Every match is glued at the bottom and placed on a frame made from cardboard, foam and a plywood skeleton.

You can find more of Andy Yoder’s art here.

world-globe-made-from-matches-by-andy-yoder-1 world-globe-made-from-matches-by-andy-yoder-3 world-globe-made-from-matches-by-andy-yoder-5 world-globe-made-from-matches-by-andy-yoder-9 world-globe-made-from-matches-by-andy-yoder-12 world-globe-made-from-matches-by-andy-yoder-13


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