Marty Mouse

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Standing in the shadow of Mickey Mouse is a pretty tough job, but Marty Mouse (actually a rat in disguise) handled the job pretty well.

Saved from a plastic box in PetSmart in 2013, he went on to live with a lovely new mom in a beautiful house!

Although sadly this little cutie is no longer with us, he leaves a legacy of wonderful photos showing his glorious rodent adventures. 

An avenger of the plague that is Mondays, this little dumbo rat loved yogies, corns and tasty treats. What are yogies you ask? Why they are tiny yogurt drops that look a little like chocolate chips.

Marty is adorable whether he’s in a pumpkin or a race car and he even had his own advice column and you can still buy products featuring his lovely little nose!

You can see more of Marty‘s adventures on his website here:


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