The Many Faces of Laura Jenkinson

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We love to see illustration used in a unique and unexpected format, and this creative mouth make-up is exactly the type of thing that kerns our font.

This project by London-based make-up artist Laura Jenkinson sees her using her own face as a canvas. And her penchant for painting cartoon characters and zany animals onto her mouth has catapulted her to artistic internet fame. 

From Donald Duck to Pumbaa, these impressive lip art creations make Laura our new hero. With the cast of Disney getting a look in, as well as a flock of kooky creatures making an appearance, this face-on-face make-up makes for impressive viewing! Proving that make-up is more than just lippie and some blush, this project gets us excited about the potential of putting on some slap.

If only face painting had been this cool when we were kids!



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