Luke Groesbeck’s The Art City Project

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What could be better than all the ad billboards in the world being replaced with art?

Founded by Luke GroesbeckThe Art City Project takes the outdoor ad spaces of London and gives them a new lick of paint. The repurposed billboards show off a vast spectrum of illustration and artwork, so that you can get that ‘gallery feeling’ on your walk to work. Transforming our shared spaces, the eclectic project features everything from a parody like sign telling you to “sell your hopes” to an illustration of a monkey and alien side by side.

The Art City Project hopes to, “increase public participation with contemporary art, support working artists, and foster creative communities.”

Its website states: “A single public installation can reach as many people in a month as a major metropolitan museum does in a year.”  

The whole project is geared up to ask “What happens when a city becomes an art gallery?” and the answer? You decide.

You can read more about The Art City Project on its website,

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