Lucy Sparrow’s Felt Cornershop

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Lucy Sparrow‘s art installation The Cornershop takes the traditional idea of a convenience shop and turns it on its head; creating an exhibition completely made of felted items right through from cigs to milk. Not only is this ‘sew’ cool as a conceptual space, but everything in the shop is for sale! You can visit The Cornershop to see it in all its crafty glory at 19 Wellington Row, Bethnal Green, between 10am to 7pm, until the end of August.

Lucy used Kickstarter to fund the project, and the crowdfunding page attracted interest from 361 backers and raised just over £10,000. A lot of dedication clearly went into this crafty venture and as Lucy explains on her Kickstarter page:

“Cornershop is a big undertaking, and I’ve not taken the decision to make this work lightly. The project was born out of a desire to create something immersive”

Whether you want to see it as a gentle mocking of consumerism, an act of nostalgia, a community project designed to bring people together or even just a bold artistic statement, there’s certainly something both a wee bit twee and undenyably impressive about this awesome project. From digestive biscuits to pregnancy tests, this little store has the felted version of every product you could need from your local corner shop. So if you want a gift for a friend, or a beautiful item for your kitchen, then this is the place to get it!

If you can’t make it over there while it’s open then you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a website,


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