Lip Sticks

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These stunning lip drawings by Christo Dagorov take our breath away.

A woodland doubling as a pout, an aerial view of a city pursed into a smile, a kiss held behind bars, and naked bodies forming the outline of lips, these beautiful drawings are gobsmacking.

With a monster grimace munching on a doll thrown in for good measure, these amazing pencil on paper drawings are like mind puzzles exploring the issue of shape. Sensual, detailed and downright obstinate, these doodles all have powerful names such as “innocence”, “wealth” and “authenticity”. These surreal, sculpture-like pencil drawings have our kiss of approval. 

Born in 1970, Christo is an autodidactic artist, with a host of exhibitions to his name across the globe from Spain to Bulgaria. This Swiss-living Bulgarian has a passion for painting, sculpture and furniture design. With a penchant for skylines and a talent for engraving, his images are often both detailed and haunting.

You can see more work by Christo here,





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