Le Holiday Feast

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Christmas might be over, but as you tuck into your leftovers, we have a festive treat for you to enjoy.

The video which shows animal heads atop human bodies eating Christmas dinner is the ultimate in internet meme-dom. The Freshpets ad features 13 dogs and 1 cute kitty all tucking into a Christmas treat, and from a collie to a bulldog, these different dinner guests all have their own personalities.

Complete with snazzy jumpers galore, the pets use knives and forks, wear glasses and even sport bows and scarves. No meal would be complete without bad table etiquette, and this family steals food from each other’s plates, puts cutlery into their purses, texts at the table and reapplies make-up. Set to some truly fetch Christmas music, the whole glorious thing will have you wishing that you had pets over for the holiday season. 


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