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Fun With Fabric and Creative Craft With Kids are two new craft book by illustrator Jane Foster. 

Whether you are looking to jazz up your home with some new hand made textiles or entice your children to get creative, Jane has you covered! 

Jane Foster is an entirely self-taught illustrator and designers. Jane’s work is heavily influenced by Scandinavian design and 1950’s and 60’s fabrics and has been applied to a range of toys, cushions, accessories and prints, many of which she and her partner Jim print in their studio in Devon. Jane’s designs have been stocked across the UK and online and she currently has one of her prints for sale in Ikea. 


Jane’s first book Fun with Fabric, was released in October last year and includes over 15 easy craft projects to brighten up any home. The book encourages readers to be bold and have fun with fabric, not shying away from exciting, different ways of using material. 

Projects include techniques such as screen printing and patchwork, allowing you to create cushions, lampshades, wall-tidys and fabric pictures to name just s few. Fun with Fabric guides you through each step of the making process, from sourcing vintage fabrics or having your own designs printed to adding the finishing touches with the help of numerous handy templates at the back of the book. The instructions for each exercise are clear and concise and come alongside an introduction in which Jane share personal experiences of projects she has previously done. 

Jane Foster for Collins & Brown


Jane’s second book, Creative Craft with Kids, was inspired by her love of getting creative with her 6 year old daughter Polly. The book not only to stimulates children’s creativity and self-expression but encourages family bonding at the same time. 

The book covers a range of different topics including  decorating a child’s room with lots of useful and imaginative tips on how to create a unique, vintage-inspired space for kids to have fun in.

The 15 projects in the book include mini treasure chests, paper bunting, polka-dot wrapping paper and felt-faced friends. What’s brilliant about Jane as an author is she never talks down to kids, creating an engaging book which encourages kids to harness their inner creative. 


In both Fun with Fabric and Creative Craft with Kids, Jane Foster’s passion for the art of crafting is abundantly clear and creates endearing and engaging titles which will keep creatives of all ages entertained for days on end.

You can buy both of Jane’s craft books at here online store.

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