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Tracy Bartlett is an Animator, Storyboarder and Illustrator. Tracy studied art and animation at Bournemouth & Poole and Dublin, and then went on to work in animation with traditional and Macromedia Flash. Tracy has worked across the globe; in Marseille with Action Synthese on The Magic Roundabout, and in San Francisco with Cartoon Network. 

Tracy‘s work covers a huge selection of styles, and her portfolio houses everything from comicstrip-esque art to more traditional wildlife paintings. From a beautiful kingfisher in full colour paints, to cartoony underwater scenes, her range never fails to disappoint.

We did a super-speedy interview with Tracy covering everything from tattoos to the evolution of her style: 

Has your style changed since university?

Yes, it’s really different since my college years. It has improved, and my ideas have got more strange and bizarre, in a good way that is.

What techniques do you wish you used more of?

I am a traditional artist who likes to express imagination and creativity within my drawings and paintings. I would like to incorporate more movement, detail and emotion.

In your view, what place does tattooing have within the illustration community?

I do enjoy designing tattoos but there has to be lots of detail, and they have to look good.

What do you like to draw the most?

I love drawing a variety of things, but mostly I enjoy drawing cartoon characters with movement.

What kind of pencils do you use?

I use a mixture of pencils, but mostly HB or 2B.

You can see more work by Tracy Bartlett on her blog and her Facebook page,

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