A Hoard of Hoards

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Dragons are the magpies of the mythical world, and they love nothing more than scavenging their own little stash of goodies and then sitting on their laurels (usually on top of their large pile of trinkets).

We love this collection of illustrations from artist Iguana Mouth showing a hoard of dragons guarding their own unique stashes. Funny and eye-opening, these illustrations use the mounds of bric-a-brac to give the magical creatures their own personalities. As well as adoring the fiery illustrations, we love the unusual nature of the collections, from a hoard of nail polish, to a hoard of cats.

With the treasure troves to date including: cheese, LEGO, junk food, tea cups & saucers, bunnies, and even music boxes, we can’t wait to see what comes next in this ongoing series of artworks.

As well as interesting treasures, each drawing shows a glorious new dragon. Small and large, cute and menacing, we would stack these illustrations up and guard them affectionately too!

You can see more of these illustrations on Iguana Mouth‘s blog here : lizardshuffle.tumblr.com.

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