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Helen Ahpornsiri - Bird

Spring has finally sprung, flowers have began to bloom and the leaves have started to sprout on trees, which is great news for Helen Ahpornsiri who creates her illustrations solely from leaves.

Helen Ahpornsiri - Close up

Helen Ahpornsiri graduated from Falmouth University in 2009 with a Degree in Illustration, since leaving university she has worked on a number of creative projects including designing Greeting Cards for Marks and Spencer’s and creating paper flowers for Harrods. She currently works from her country side studio in East Sussex. Living amongst nature has not only inspired her work but become her main tool and subject matter for each piece of art she creates.

Helen began her exploration of this natural material when she was drawing a Fern Weevil and wondered if she could create one with real fern as apposed to with ink, this idea then grew into the “intricately crafted, curiously cut and quietly inked creations” we see today.

Helen Ahpornsiri - Weevilplants-2Helen Ahpornsiri - Butterfly (2)

Each illustration is constructed from hundreds of carefully cut fern leaves and stems which are then meticulously arranged on paper to create beautiful illustrations of the natural world. The foliage structure of the artwork creates flowing organic patterns throughout each piece which expresses the authentic and earthly feel to the illustration. Amongst the crafted creatures are butterflies, magpies, pheasants seahorses and even dinosaurs! Even more impressively many of her illustrations are no larger than a coin.

Helen Ahpornsiri - Miniatures

You can see more of Helen Ahpornsiri’s amazing work on her website and on her Etsy where her prints are available to purchase. You can also watch a time lapse video of the artist constructing her miniature masterpieces via her youtube channel!

Helen Ahpornsiri - Framed Artwork

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