Graham Roumieu

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Canadian Illustrator Graham Roumieu, best known for his editorial illustrations and faux Bigfoot autobiographies, has been in the game a fair while, and one look at his portfolio shows he’s only improving with time. 





I became aware of him sometime last year via Instagram and I’m never sad to see his doodles populating my feed. His regular updates are more often than not responsible for some of the heartier ‘LOLs’ in my browsing sessions. One word of warning before you go exploring his feed though, Graham has a taste for the absurd…his charming style and cutesy depictions of anthropomorphic antics can be balanced with some pretty dark, and most of the time outright nonsensical humour (where’s the fun in things always making sense?).

Graham is one of the most active illustrators I’ve come across, with a 2015 portfolio that’s already as long as some peoples yearly offerings. His Partial client list features the likes of Walt Disney, The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, The Guardian, Esquire, DreamWorks, Penguin, Billboard and so on and so forth. What’s most surprising is that the quality of his work never seems to flag, an impressive feat considering his aforementioned, near light speed, work rate.


Pizza Lord



Personal Space


Avoiding Old Lady cat sweater Phase



Office Fitness


Natures Majestic Majesty





Hemingway Writing Female Characters


What do Pilots talk about on long flights?


Mermaids take a break

get well soon

Get well soon



On a Break



Cat Enjoys Riot


To check out his full portfolio of work follow the link to his personal website HERE. However, if you want to see some of his racier (and slightly more ludicrous) stuff,  then it’s definitely worth checking out his Instagram HERE.  


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