‘FULL STOP’ an unconventional art studio by Tom Burckhardt

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Welcome to Tom Burckhardt’s studio. 

Well… it’s not really his studio per say (I think you’d spend more time doing repairs than producing any art). ‘Full Stop’, as the installation is titled, has been doing the rounds since 2005 and is painter and installation artist Tom Burckhardt’s wonderfully minimal, yet incredibly considered, commentary on the life of the modern artist. I’ll leave it to Burckhardt himself to enlighten you to the deeper meanings behind the project, as there’s a great interview on his website that digs deep into his thought process whilst also elaborating on the sheer amount of detail that exists within this piece.


Made with nothing but card, wood, ink and glue this studio is home to all the tools of the trade, not to mention a fully stocked book shelf and a window with a view! Most every item within the piece has been included for it’s meaning, some of which are personal to Burckhardt and others which are more applicable to the ‘Bohemian Artists’ of society as a whole. 






TB Bookshelf


I cannot possibly fathom how long this took to produce, but I’m glad that Burckhardt went to the trouble.

Sorry Blue Peter, you’ve been well and truly one-upped.

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