Folklore and Fairy Tales

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As a young girl, I was typically as serious minded and careful with my favourite things as I am today, and hence I now proudly hold in my possession a small collection of books that are all over 30 years old. These, now vintage, books were retained and lovingly relocated from home to home no less than four times over my 41 years, all largely revered due to the standard of the illustrations within.

My collection ranges from a beautifully illustrated classic fairy tale book of no particular notoriety, to more well known annuals, such as a 1980 edition of Rupert Bear illustrated by the hugely talented John Harrold, and my 1977 slightly dog-eared copy of Winnie The Pooh, illustrated by Ernest Shepard.

Folklore and fairy tales have a rich history spanning hundreds of years, and these classic themes along with the more modern classic tales such as Alice in Wonderland for instance can be seen steadfastly repeating year on year; lovingly drawn by illustrators, pattern designers and retail designers with seemingly little chance of the populace becoming weary of them any time soon.

Lets take a look at some modern day illustrative interpretations of well loved fairy tales, modern classics and folklore of our yesteryears;

Brisbane-born Courtney Brims, has created a huge collection of highly skilled pencil drawings; visit her enchanting gallery of ethereal folklore inspired illustrations HERE.

You will be able to spot some fairy tales amid Abigail Larson‘s quirky Gothic range of illustrative works, including Beauty and the Beast and Red Riding Hood, in addition to some fantastic renditions of characters from classic works of literature such as my personal favourite; Great Expectation‘s Miss Havisham, who I have drawn and painted myself more than once. You can see more of Abigail‘s work HERE.

And over at Sinch Design, designer and artist Christian Jackson has created a range of minimalistic classic children’s stories posters, prints and more; including Jack and the Beanstalk, The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. You can see more at

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