Focus: Rushes’ Tiny Worlds

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Tiny Worlds 1

From Toy Story to The Borrowers, there’s a wealth of films that imagine tiny worlds hidden within our own.

Animation studio Rushes has created a trio of cute-as-hell shorts which show itsy-bitsy machines staging their own clean-up operation in our world. These below-the-feet scenes put the ‘a’ in adorable. From a submarine blowing up a cigarette butt to a bulldozer attacking a piece of bubblegum, these animations manage to be both impactful and sweet. As well as making us aware of the potential effects of the trash we drop, these tiny conscientious playthings leave a big impact on the viewer through their sheer cuteness.

It’s the details in these little animated cuties that count, and the puffs of smoke coming from the machinery, as well as the seemingly giant legs of human passers-by in the distance, all add to the magic of the scenes.

This London-based agency has created a powerful, shareable project which shows off their skillset at its best.

Haven’t seen these little wonders yet? You can watch them below.

Tiny Worlds // Bulldozer from Rushes on Vimeo.

Tiny Worlds // Logging Truck from Rushes on Vimeo.

Tiny Worlds // Submarine from Rushes on Vimeo.

You can see more work by Rushes on their website

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