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Do you like them with some curves? Prefer them slim? Or maybe with a bit of class?

What’s your type?

This is clearly a question that has played on the mind of Florence-based designer Simone Massoni. His typography project ‘Chicks & Types’ shows fonts with their pin up gal equivalents.

The illustrations feature different letters and numbers displayed in a particular font with a matching illustrated lady that is a physical manifestation of the style of the ‘type’. Showing the personality of different typefaces, this project doubles as Typography 101.

The detail of the women is beautiful too- from wide-eyed red heads to elegant blondes showing off just that little bit too much flesh, these cheeky, saucy illustrations show an empowering spectrum of female sexiness.

From the elegant Queena & Gill Sans to the floaty Willow & Eames Century Modern Light, these images expose the diversty of fonts.

Complete with a slick colourful website that lets you look it up and down, this project has certainly got that je ne sais quoi quality- swathed in a lingering aroma of passion for typography, and damn great to look at, the resulting illustrations are drop dead gorgeous.

Perhaps this project gets across the sort of sexiness that a typography lover feels when they catch a glimpse of The One. That font they’ve been waiting for. Searching for. They know there’s plenty of fonts in the sea, but they’re just not willing to settle. After all, a portfolio lasts your whole life. And then they see it, BANG, it’s like time stops, even the computer skips a beat. These illustrations capture some of the magic of being a designer with a fetish for fonts.

The fonts, with all their different styles and curls, are, like the pin-up girls that prance around them, all unique. Take what you will from this project. I choose to take the message ‘fonts are people too’!

Anyway- we can’t do these illustrations justice- see them in all their glory here.

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