Focus: The Butterfly Effect

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Illustrator and designer Andreas Preis is the brains behind ‘The Butterfly Effect, a charming project where illustrated butterflies carrying wise words on their wings were left around Berlin.

Carrier pigeons have long been the bearers of messages. But Preis gave this age old concept a new lick of paint by exchanging pigeons for butterflies, and hand drawing his messengers.

We love projects which bring a little beauty into the everyday, and in the same way that paper plane advocates Social Planes and gift giving group This Must Be For You add a little beauty to the world, ‘The Butterfly Effect has a great message at its core.

The butterflies are beautifully drawn, right down to the smallest details, and the messages which range from “Stay weird” to “Make things better”, have their own beauty too.

Butterfly mastermind Preis said:

“I gave them away, left them in bars, clubs, restaurants, exhibitions, on bikes, tables etc… There’s nothing more in it than making people smile, even if it’s just for a few seconds. I hope it works!”

You can see more work by Preis on his website HERE.

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