Felt Art

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Vancouver-based Japanese artist Hiné Mizushima creates fantastical needle-felt art in the form of a spectrum of critters including pig-nosed bats, ectoplasm, giant red ants and banana slugs. Fun, imaginative, kooky, cutesy and sometimes a little bit grose, these felt sculptures, inspired by Japanese colouring sets and retro dolls, weave their own world. From invertebrate sleep habits to a squid hat costume, everything Mizushima creates has her own unique stamp. Starting out with a doodle, she then brings to life her creations in felt.

More than just a felt sculptor, she’s also a talented illustrator, collager and videographer. Having majored in painting and then worked as a designer and illustrator in Tokyo, her work has appeared in galleries across the globe. With Adobe numbered among her clients and music videos for They Might Be Giants to her name, she’s felting a reputation for herself in the industry. 

You can see more of Mizushima‘s work on her Behance profile www.behance.net/hine.


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