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It’s hard not to fall in love with the illustrations of Natalie Foss. They are bright, beautiful and bang on trend! Each of her drawings are intricately executed with coloured pencils and bring to life a series of mesmerising faces, which are not only visually stunning but technically flawless too.

Norweigen artist Natalie Foss was born and raised in Oslo. She has a BA in illustration from Kingston University and also studied for two years at Strykejernet School of Art. Her artwork is inspired by experimentation and the freedom of self expression. As well as this, Natalie also finds inspiration in life’s little things such as music, subcultures, feelings, thoughts and a cup of coffee or two!

Throughout this artist’s inspiring portfolio are multiple drawings of beautiful women, however unlike many other illustrations of fashionable ladies, Natalie‘s work focuses on the emotive qualities of the subject, illustrating ‘outsiders’ through intimate expressionist portraits. The ‘out of place’ faces she illustrates sit comfortably amongst one another in her fascinating portfolio.

The experimental style of Natalie Foss’ artwork allows us to enter her weird and whimsical world of portraiture where surrealism really is the new realism. In her dream-like drawings you will discover that four arms sometimes look a lot better than two, and that having cat’s eyes beaming out of your hair can look more fabulous than you would think. Natalie doesn’t shy away from using bright colours in her artwork either, and each illustration is made up of a palette of block colours, thoughtfully put together using coloured pencils.

Overall it seems that Natalie‘s illustrations have it all: beauty, self-expression, imagination, and an indisputable sense of fun!

You can check out more of Natalie‘s artwork at Nataliefoss.co.uk, Behance.net/nataliefoss or at her blog natalieff.tumblr.com.

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