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The Manchester Design Agency Creative Spark have once again created a series of Halloween prints for charity. Their ‘Little Print Shop of Horrors’ challenge continues for the third year running after the company had great success in the past two years.

Creative Spark has teamed up with Forever Manchester in the hope that they can raise an extra £10,000. Since 2011 Forever Manchester has been raising money to help the local community. They have been working with the local people to help them celebrate and respect the way they live their lives.

For this year’s poster designs, the company have redesigned classic posters to give them a modern twist. With the team working against each other to try and raise the most money for the charity, they have felt very motivated in the best possible way. The series called ‘Little Print Shop of Horrors‘ brought together the agency suits and creatives from Creative Spark to redesign some classic horror film posters including ITNightmare on Elm Street and Psycho. All proceeds from the 24th to 31st October went to the charity

Creative Spark Founder and Creative Director Neil Marra said ‘We love Halloween at Creative Spark, it is when our competitive streak comes out, whoever in the creative team sells the most posters for charity is the winner! Our dark side shines as we recreate terrifying film posters to make as much money as possible for this year’s charity- Forever Manchester.’

 You can buy the posters here.

This post was written by http://ohhayblogs.blogspot.co.ukLauren Hay. Lauren is an aspiring designer and illustrator currently studying Visual Communications in Aberdeen. She creates her designs and illustrations by making sketches and then finalising them digitally. She enjoys designing patterns and illustrations, normally using Illustrator to create them. You can find more of her work at @LaurenGemmaHay and ohhayblogs.blogspot.co.uk.

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