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If you feel like you’re waging war on your garden, then a bushel of Seedboms could be just the thing you need to win the battle. Made by environmentally conscious (and appropriately named) company Kabloom, these nifty grenade-shaped planters are simple to use and made from recycled materials. You can get your hands on these wonderful weapons of mass creation from our shop hereHandmade in the UK, these flower grenades are loaded with flower seeds, so you can bring a blast of colour into your garden with minimum effort and maximum fun. Whether you want to brighten up an unloved outdoor space or just give your loved-up garden an extra gift this Spring. They come in a range of varieties too, including: Poppy Peacebom, Sunflower Power and Polinator Beebom.

They’re super simple to grow too; to keep your Seedboms happy they recommend soaking them in water for thirty seconds before you toss them into the garden. It’s also important to make sure they have enough natural light to grow and they need to have enough heat too, so make sure you plant them at the recommended time of year. Most importantly, don’t forget to give them a good throw! If you’re gardenless then worry not, as you can grow them inside in a pot!

Darren Wilson, founder of Kabloom, is ‘planning world domination, one Seedbom at a time’. Darren, who has a background in three dimensional design (with a focus on eco-design) was researching growable products and paper casting techniques when he came up with the idea: “The Seedbom idea came from my experimentation with growable mediums such as recycled paper pulp. I was working on a few designs for various products that could eventually be planted and grown after use. One day I stumbled on an image of a grenade, and then it clicked! A growable grenade!”

Kabloom have big hopes for the future and a whole lotta of new products in the pipeline as well as a bunch of guerrilla gardening and seedboming lined up across the year, and they’re even considering rockin’ up to festivals with Seedboms in their mobile shop; SeedbomBike. Over the next few years they’re also working on breaking the rest of Europe and maybe even the US.

Kabloom‘s Seedboms are made from locally reclaimed and recycled material including paper from local businesses. They also contain organic compost, flower seeds and coir. With a big focus on making their products green, these values are threaded through everything they do: “I couldn’t justify creating another product that would end up in landfill, it wasn’t a legacy that I wanted as a designer.”  Instead Darren wanted to create something that would benefit the earth, he explains: “I focused my attentions on the some of the potential reasons we have been experiencing an ecological crisis and our relationship with nature. It seemed to me that part of the reasons for these issues was down to our separation as a culture from nature, this dichotomy interested me and so I wanted to create products that weren’t only non-harmful to the environment, but also sought a connection with nature, even in a small way. This connection could be found from actively destroying a product in order to create something new and more nature i.e. flowers. Casting techniques also interested me so combining the two I came up with the idea of growable products made from recycled cast paper, the rest is history.”

You can buy your Seedboms on our website here.

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