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We’ve all made a face with our fry-up, or spelt out rude words with our alphabet spaghetti, but Oslo-based Artist Ida Frosk has taken playing with food to a whole new level with her glorious breakfast-time creations.

What started out as a bit of fun on Instagram has seen Ida release her own book and garner her own following. Ida uses normal, everyday breakfast items to make iconic plates of edible artwork that depict a range of delights, from Grumpy Cat to Lady Gaga.

Ida explains on her blog ‘I believe that food should be fun, tasty and for the most part healthy. My first piece was a bear and a fox toast that I copied from the Internet. After that I started to develop my own ideas.’ An instant hit, Ida was propelled to go further and further with her designs, and even began allowing us a peek at her socks too. She elaborates that for her this really is still breakfast and she always eats her creations afterwards, ‘I usually decide what I want to eat, then associate freely from that with whatever ingredients I have at hand… The assembly doesn’t take that long in most cases, on average 5 – 15 minutes. I have to get to my day job after all!”’ So where does all her inspiration come from? ‘Every day events, funny wordplay, the shape of an ingredient, modern art, cartoons, films or other people’s food art I see online.’ And the most important question of all, what’s her best tasting artwork to date? ‘I particularly enjoyed eating the Monet toast, made with pistachio butter, apples and kiwi – so yummy and beautiful!’

Ida’s latest project, The Art Toast Project, sees her make 15 of the world’s most famous artworks, all on toast (well, what else), and it aims to move away from her usual designs. Unlike her daily Instagram images that she hopes will inspire others to make their own, these 15 pieces are more complex, in-depth, and aim to ‘Be a literal interpretation of “food art “‘.

You can see all of Ida’s amazing artwork, and grab your own inspiration, in her latest book Eat Your Art Out. So next time you’re chopping bananas or shoving oats in the microwave, STOP. Think about it, and maybe make your own Frosk inspired breakfast. You can see more of Ida’s work on her Instagram site www.instagram.com/idafrosk or her blog www.idafrosk.blogspot.co.uk. Images courtesy of Ida Frosk. 

This post was written by brand new Ohh Deer blogger Megan Jenner. Meg is a marketing graduate with a passion for food, art and photography. She works in social media and in her spare time can be found eating, in front of the oven, or on long country walks. You can read more about her on her blog wwww.craftitbakeit.com. 

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