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Workspaces are as different as Apple and oranges. And whether you use a Mac or a PC, you like your walls pinned with inspiration, or prefer a white washed tabula rasa to help you think, no two work areas are the same.

Messy or minimalist, workspaces play a vital role in the creative process. The birthplace of ideas, a studio is a nest where ideas can be nurtured, hatched and then nudged out to find their place in the world. We had nosy around the studios and workspaces of designers, crafters and illustrators across the globe.

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Graphic Designer Martha Mox sent us a pic of her brill office space. She’s just finished the organisation of Typo_Mad, a typographic festival in Madrid, and she runs her studio with Pablo Gamez. The photograph is of her home workspace and we love the rainbow bunting, crafted merman and mini pink guitar on her wall. Combined with her super-portable laptop and Pixar-style lamp, we think this is a great space to ferment creative ideas.

Bottom left

Rhianon Beth White is studying a BA in Textiles and Surface Design at Cleveland College of Art and Design. This photograph shows her university work bay. We adore her brown satchel and leafy inspiration wall. Rhianon explains ‘a big part of being a textiles surface design student, or any art student really, is being able to be visually creative, and finding a a variety of stimulating and exciting works. From bloom to Vogue; photographs and drawings, and even adventuring out to flea markets to pick up bits ‘n’ bobs relating to your theme, can bring something extra. That’s why even a uni bay is so important in inspiring you, and why mine is always full! Busy bays are the best bays!’

Bottom middle

Emily from Hiya Mate works full time in front of a Mac in a design studio. When she gets home she likes to throw away the computer and work with her hands.  Screen printing, sewing, knitting and recently pyrography – anything that makes a mess. Complete with goldfish, this little nook is a neat little space for design, and even a little bit of sewing if the mood takes her. Emily says ‘Inspiration walls are a must for any studio, I’m sure. Mine play host to a few of my favourites – Joe List, Handsome Frank, Puck Collective, Nobrow, Adam JK, Sam Bush, Lucy Ketchin, and a few homemade and ‘found outside on the floor’ oddities. The fish is called Luxembourg, he is 5 years old and he likes watching TV. I found the old primary school stool at a flea market in Sherbourne for £3. It’s a real beaut. ‘

Bottom right 

Cinthia “Fanel” Reyes is an Illustrator and Designer from Oaxaco, Mexico. She works in advertising and illustrates for magazines and newspapers.  A fan of vectors and markers, Cinithia‘s studio has a blank wall, a simple, elegant stool, and a patterned workbay desk. We love this little chic arty area.

What does your creative space look like? We‘re always searching for photographs of studios, so if you have a workspace you think we’d like to feature, pop an email to j[email protected]. Images need to be at least 725 pixels wide. 

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