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From Devon to Vancouver, we’ve scoured the globe to show you a range of illustrators’ studios and workspaces:

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Flora Fricker is an 18 year old illustrator living in Devon.  Later this year, she’ll be studying Graphic Design at Falmouth University. She uses watercolours and fine pen, and occasionally (when the time calls for it) glitter. She mixes traditional and digital methods in her art.

Flora‘s workspace is packed with inspiration, from a world map to precious trinkets. Flora commented: “My studio is my place of escape. It’s filled with all of my artwork, and my inspirations, and little knick-knacks that I’ve collected over the years.”

You can see more of her work on her website www.florafricker.com.

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EdieOP is an illustrator who makes comics and zines. Her work is “the sunny side of sinister”. Edie is currently working in a half-share studio located in, “a really cool (albeit freezing) warehouse building”. Childhood lingers in this studio, which is visible from both the troll dolls and the actual dolls; a half-naked Barbie lookalike wearing a pink tutu and a Stig-like Ken doll balancing on the worktop.

EdieOP said: “I’ve recently started painting acrylic boards since I’ve had more room to work and am hoping to paint some wall art at some point. In short my studio has given me the space to be as messy as I need to be, which is fantastic, worrying about getting ink on the carpet at home was a real pain.”

You can see more of her work on her website  www.edieop.com.

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Berlin-based Snoa Fuchs is a freelance illustrator who focuses on children’s illustration and papercrafts. She created her first drawings in the sand with a stick, but has since progressed to more advanced techniques. Her studio is light, airy and filled with books!

You can see work by Snoa on her website www.snoafuchs.com

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Heather Watts lives in Vancouver and paints mostly in acrylics. She works on very detailed pieces. Her work has recently appeared at the Suggestivism Rome Group Exhibition 2013 and can be found inside Schiffer Publishing’s Lowbrow Tarot Book, among other places.

Heather commented: “My studio is a work in progress. Right now my easel and paints are stacked on some cheapo storage boxes to get them to the right height so I can stand while I paint… The cabinets are from a thrift store. On the walls are just various photos, artwork, sketches and images to help inspire me.”

You can peek at her work on her website www.heatherwatts.com.

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