Eyepatch Art

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I had to wear an eye patch when I was little. This is significant because I have no memory of actually wearing the eye patch, and I’ve never seen any photos of me wearing it. But I do remember how much I loved the animal stickers that came in the pack. Whoever came up with the idea of pairing the two together was a genius, as instead of being left with memories of feeling self-conscious about my lazy pirate eye, I just remember how much I loved the sticky friends that came with it.

Redditor Gfgrubb has been drawing everything from hearts to mushrooms on his little one’s eye patch and the results are wonderful! Cute tot Layla has a cataract on her right eye and has to wear a patch over it for two hours a day to help it heal. To make the whole experience more fun her daddy has been doodling cute little illustrations on the patch and taking her photo – doesn’t she look adorable!?

You can see the original Reddit thread here:  http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/2q3emp/my_daughter_has_to_wear_an_eyepatch_tried_to_make.


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