Extra-ordinary Objects

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There once was a boy called Gilbert Legrand. When he looked at the world, he saw faces, objects & creatures. And when he grew up, he started bringing them to life. In the world of Gilbert Legrand, a fork is a maitre d’, a smoking pipe is a bull mid-charge and a cork hangs with his mates and a ghetto blaster. These everyday objects have been brought to life with the power of illustration. 

Simple, everyday objects that you wouldn’t glance at twice become something completely different in this imaginative series. A toilet brush becomes a lion; a window spray becomes a dog. 

Many of us, we apply our life to our art to give it emotion, but Gilbert, applies art to life, and brings out the characters, stories and tales all around us. Inspired by Dali and Magritte, his illustrations always have a pinch of optical illusion, and a sprinkling of giggles. 

You can see more work by Gilbert Legrand on his website, www.gilbert-legrand.com/sculptures.html.


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