Emi Haze – Powerful Portraiture

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Residing in north east Italy, Emi Haze garners inspiration from his surroundings. Working as a freelancer with a Degree in Graphic Design and Advertising Design, Emi is incredibly passionate about digital art, specifically when combined with analog elements. He’s attracted to the aesthetics of everyday things and in this particular series of portraits it’s easy to see nature and existence informing his art.

Creating texture with watercolour and inks, as well as photographic overlays, he creates some really beautiful and unique effects in every piece. This, in combination with a considered colour pallet and the manipulation of silhouettes, gives his portraiture an incredible ethereal quality.


Ink marries perfectly with the photography to create amazing texture.



Watercolour elements combined with the cumulonimbus clouds help to create this other dimensional, god-like portrait.  







Emi claims music is a key player in his process, listing bands such as Sigur Rós, Radiohead and Coldplay as inspiration… and I can’t help but feel his portraits do a great job in their interpretation.

To learn more about Emi’s process and to see more of his work in general check out his personal website HERE.   

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