Edible LEGO

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Just when we think that our love for LEGO has reached its peak, we stumble across something like this.

This edible LEGO (yep, you heard us right!) designed by Akihiro Mizuuchi is every child’s (and adult’s) dream come true! Made from dark, milk, white and pastel pink chocolate, these mini bricks can actually be used for play construction, just like the real thing. As long as they don’t melt mid-structure, and you can resist the urge to munch while you play, you can build to your heart (and tummy’s) content. 

Mizuuchi has even created a series of (very bear looking) robot sculptures using the yummy bricks, to show that they really are fully functional.

Like ordinary LEGO, these bricks were made in a range of sizes, and colours and even have the signature LEGO stamp.

The ultimate excuse to play with your food, we have one word to sum up these little bricks: NOM.

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