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There are few book crimes as heinous as injuring literature, and as I’m sure you well know, folding down pages is the cardinal sin of reading. After all, there’s an easy prevention measure to save your poor defenceless book from being at risk of dog-eared leaves. All you have to do to inoculate your book from corner crease injuries is to use a simple, longstanding invention: the sticky note.

Duncan Shotton, the creator of the Rainbow Pencil is back, this time with the Sticky Page Markers of your dreams. The best ideas are a little like the best murder mysteries. They take a familiar concept (or established genre) and turn it on its head with a nifty twist, and this is no exception. Shotton‘s latest crazy invention is a range of sticky page markers in various shapes and colours that let you create miniature landscapes and scenes as you keep your page. Whether you’re investigating your way through Poirot or grumpily preparing your English Lit homework, these little page markers let you tell a visual story of your own as you read.

Grown in Britain and living in Tokyo, Duncan Shotton has a noggin full of creative ideas. He’s our designer crush, and you can read our interview with the mythical man HERE (SPOILER ALERT: he’s a unicorn).


The range boasts cityscape themed packs, such as New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Londonwhich include skyscrapers, familiar landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, as well as a Godzilla or two, will make for excellent reading, no matter what the book is. As well as cities, there is a green alternative in the form of themed nature ranges: Forest, Desert, Polar, Ocean, Sky and an imaginative foray across to Mars. As well as giving you the opportunity to mix and match, popping a rainbow onto Mars or growing a cactus in the sky, these imaginative little sets work well on their own. Even books need toys to keep them occupied, and these are just the ticket, whether you’re reading Austen or Philip K Dick, these lil stickies can spice up your reading life. 

The project, which is currently on Kickstarter, and still accepting backers for the next week, will be a great addition to the stationery market when they go into production. Whether you’re munching through your book with glee or snoring through the latest must read novel, these tiny colourful pagemarkers can help you mark your books pain free.

They say that the simplest ideas are the best, (did you know that you can make pancakes with just eggs, flour, milk and sugar?), and these are no exception. Why not keep your books company and give them a beautiful view by backing this killer creative project!?

You can support the cause on his Kickstarter page here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/duncanshotton/sticky-page-markers.

You can also buy the notoriously awesome Rainbow Pencil on our site HERE.




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