Drawing for the Future

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Drawing for the Future is a Kickstarter project hoping to produce a series of smartphone cases drawn by children with autism.

Autism is often characterised by problems with communication and social interaction and the project sees autistic children expressing themselves through art. The project gives the children a platform not only to express themselves but to engage with other people and their lives through the vehicle of a smartphone case.

Smartphones are primarily a tool for communication, giving this creative project even more significance. With 7 different patterns available for a variety of phones from the iPhone 6 to the Galaxy 5, these cases could be just the thing you need to add some creativity to your life. The doodles feature everything from flamingos to crocodiles and with their quirky designs and bold use of primary colours, they are the perfect way to brighten up your beloved electronic ‘pet’.

The project, which was put together with the help of charity Two Thirds, has had more than 50 backers and raised €4,000+ of its €10,000 goal, and has 14 days left to go. Why not support this project on Kickstarter here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1682748908/drawing-for-the-future.


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