dive in to an inventive instagram portfolio, by designer jose navajas

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It’s not altogether uncommon in the art world to see beautifully crafted, original CV layouts, it’s usually a flashy online portfolio or a quirky printed affair. Spanish copywriter Jose Navajas has those things, but he’s gone the extra mile with his creative use of Instagram as a way to showcase his skills. All of this done in his free time, outside of his 9-5. 

A click through to Jose’s Instagram base of operations plunges you into a colourful underwater scene complete with point and click adventure style hints at the directions each tile could take you in. Following the links within the yellow corner tabs on certain photos takes you to a new Instagram account and another page in His portfolio.
The idea and execution is great, showing us and potential clients that Jose knows how to think outside the proverbial box (or several in this case). His client list includes some big names, a view of which can be seen below, so it’s clearly working.


For those less adventurous, there’s a link to Jose’s regular portfolio in the bio of each of the Instagram accounts he runs.  Check out the examples below and then follow the links above to explore for yourself!  

Even the examples of his work get the treatment, tying the whole thing together perfectly. 

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