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Jasmine Dowling is pretty much what you would call an all-round creative. A graphic designer, fashion blogger, typographer and innovator, Dowling is based in Brisbane, Australia, and her talent and skill are taking over both the art & design, and Instagram worlds alike.

Following her dreams to make inspiring and attractive typography for like-minded people, with a little bit of prettiness thrown in for good measure, Dowling adopts and creates quotes such as: “She believed she could, so she did”, and “Good things happen to those who stay up late”. She takes inspiration from her surroundings, whether it be her mood, what she’s doing or what others are doing. Single words tend to inspire her to create; she “will pick up on single words whether it be through a song on the radio or a piece of text and will create pieces around that.”

From prints and pillowcases to cushions and gift sets, Dowling creates designs to brighten up places and spaces. Typically, Dowling tries, “to attach an emotion or mood”, to her work, and this emanates through her typography. Her weapons of choice include a simple pencil and paper, with which she draws the lettering over and over again until it looks just right. Dowling admits that, “sometimes this can happen the first time I write it, sometimes it is a lot harder”. Using ink and a fine brush, Dowling then adds colour to her design and uses computer software to neaten the piece and give it clean, bright lines.

Of course, we all have those days when drawing or designing isn’t going our way. To avert such exasperation, Dowling recognises that if she is getting too frustrated with how the design looks she tends to leave it a day or two since she believes, “it really shows when it isn’t coming together naturally.”

In a world where digital technology is evolving and advancing all the time, Dowling believes that a combination of both traditional craft and digital methods is, “ideal”.  Dowling loves the idea of, “teaching yourself something you had no idea about before”, but laments the more traditional methods, which are fading out of view because they require more time and effort. However, it is valuable to regain these methods and Dowling shares this belief, as for her, “it is important to try and slow down and take the time to learn something new.”

At the moment, Dowling is creating typography for an iconic Australian-based brand, which involves exploration and experimentation with her design techniques and methods. She is also working on a rebrand with Tokyo Bird, an upcoming Japanese bar in Surry Hills – an inner-city suburb of Sydney. It’s an exciting time for Dowling as she will, “be able to see all the elements coming together in production”.

Dowling and I share a mutual love for Moxham – a contemporary, statement jewellery brand. Additionally, Dowling admits to having, “an ever-lasting crush on Karen Walker as there is no one that does colour or pattern better than her.”

All in all, I think I can safely say that the future looks pretty exciting for Jasmine Dowling. With her Instagram gaining followers by the minute, and more and more people becoming aware of her work, I can’t wait to see where Dowling’s creative journey takes her!

You can see more of Jasmine Dowling’s work at: and follow her Instagram here:

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