Dedication to a memory – the shed project, by lee john phillips

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“This spot is grease from the shed, so I suppose it’s ok. Surprised there’s not more dirt and rust on these pages.”


Losing loved ones is awful, to put it lightly, and it can often result in an indescribable plethora of emotions that we all experience in a very subjective way. The way we then move on to cope and commemorate those who meant so much to us is also an incredibly personal thing. Case in point, the ongoing work of the awesomely talented painter, designer and illustrator, Lee John Phillips.

Abound with objects great and small, his late Grandfather’s shed has become a palace of reverie and remembrance for the artist and his relatives. Lee plans to document what he estimates to be 100,000+ items from inside the shed. With around 4000 currently catalogued he has (at least) another 4 years of work ahead of him, but his ambition and love for the project remain strong in a way that’s truly heartwarming. Lee spends between 10 minutes and 15 hours a day working on the project, whenever he has time, and shows no signs of slowing at all. 

“I’m opening containers I’ve overlooked and seeing hundreds upon hundreds of items. I leave, lock myself away, draw for weeks on end, feel positive – then return. It’s not putting me off at all, just seems to be getting bigger as I go” 


Below are just a few examples of Lee’s beautifully composed work. To follow the project in its entirety, check Lee out on twitter, instagram and online
















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