David Zinn’s Street Sketches

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These fun, zany charcoal and chalk sketches by artist David Zinn brighten up the streets of Ann Arbor in Michigan.

The street doodles use the environment around them to full effect, incorporating everything from cracks in the pavement to weeds into the images. Flying pigs, mice and a monster called Sluggo are just a few of the cast which crop up in Zinn‘s work over and over again.

As well as encouraging people to notice the world around them, these lovely illustrations hint at another world within our own and rank high on the cute scale. From a monster sweeping up fallen leaves to a trio of mice rescuing a dog from drowning, these sweet images show cute-as-a-button creatures and adorable monsters going about their everyday lives in a degrading urban world. Sadly these temporary creations don’t last long, and they are washed away in the rain. 

You can see more of Zinn‘s work over on his website www.zinnart.com.



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