David Jablow’s Do It Yourself Doodler Project

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We love this project which shows a ‘do it yourself’ vintage doodle book inked with miraculous hyper-imaginative scenes. Artist David Jablow conjures up these dazzling illustrations using 60s era vintage doodle pads which bear suggestive half-drawn women.

The book itself is part of the magic of this project, with its strange, sort of raunchy looking, half-naked women and blank page, which is then transformed into all manner of adventures. Presumably intended for sexualised sketches, these pin up girls have been given a fresh, empowering second glance with ink pens, whiteout and a tub full of talent.

From outer space to the front law, these great doodles show that even when you’ve started drawing, or are working with an existing sketch, your illustration can become anything. Just let your imagination lead you.

This isn’t the first ‘do it yourself’ doodle book that David Jablow has taken his pen to, and you can see more of these epic illustrations on his blog here: doityourselfdoodler.com.


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