Daily Affections

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Smell is a fumy thing, and a waft of lavender or an aroma of Play-Doh can bring to mind a time and a place from the past in perfect crystal clarity – whether it’s visiting your grandmother’s house as a teenager or being on the playground in second grade.

‘Daily Affections’ is a range of scented soy candles created by Designer Albert J. Son that give off everyday scents such as scotch tape, wet road, plastic toy, stinky cheese and cut grass. The bold, colourful geometric packaging strips back the smell to its essence, with cut grass for example, featuring sun yellow, sky blue and grass green slanted parallelograms that bring to mind the blades of a lawnmower.

These ‘weird smells we secretly love’ bring to mind times and places past, and is a cute concept and expertly executed graphic design project in its own right.

You can see more of Albert J Son‘s work on his website HERE.

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