The Cutest Ducklings that Ever Lived

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Ducklings  8

These bright yellow little balls of fluff pluck at the heart strings with their wide eyes and sweet little waddle. Whether they’re cuddling up to owls or peeking out from trees, ducklings are pretty much the cutest little creatures on the planet.

We’ve collected together some of the most adorable photographs of baby quackers ever for your viewing pleasure. Also… captions!

1) “Not the nose!”

2) “Can you quack to the beat?”

3) “MINE!”

4) “Cuddle time”.

5) “That flower looks yum.”

6) “You’re in my way.” “You’re in MY way!”

7) “Has anyone ever told you that you’re the perfect beak rest before?”

8) “I can do it!”

9) “Will you be my friend?”

10) “So basically, we’re adorable, non?”

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