Creative Bookshelves

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Always dreamed of swanky bookcases to help store your beloved books? Look no further for inspiration.  Combining style and personality, here’s proof there’s so much more to a bookcases’ potential. 

For all you music lovers, simply part ways with a grand piano to recreate this bookcase.

If Dr Who is your thing, you’ll be happy to know your tardis doubles up a bookcase.

For those of you who like curling up whilst reading, these may be the perfect bookcases for you. tumblr_nu9p5xGomS1u6jismo6_500 tumblr_nu9p5xGomS1u6jismo8_500 (1)
 For a little extra jazz in your home, check out these cases. They make wonderful feature wall pieces .tumblr_nu9p5xGomS1u6jismo10_500 tumblr_nu9p5xGomS1u6jismo4_500 tumblr_nu9p5xGomS1u6jismo2_500 tumblr_nu9p5xGomS1u6jismo1_500
And this one lights up! How cool is that?!
 tumblr_nu9p5xGomS1u6jismo5_500 (1)

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