Crazy Crayola calligraphy

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We are made of stars


David Milan is a graphic designer hailing from Mexico and as his porfolio and instagram illustrate he’s got love when it comes to lettering. 

Hand lettering and modern calligraphy are all the rage these days and it takes more skill to pull off than it’s sometimes given credit for. I’m certainly guilty of thinking that if I buy a few nice brush pens I could get a handle on it relatively quickly… “but tools do not a craftsman make” is the only adage I can offer to describe the period shortly thereafter. 





Whilst David does use the mighty brush pen and its ilk for a large amount of his work, the gallery below showcases something a little different. Using Crayola brand markers (some are a little fancier than average but still that tip really doesn’t look suitable for calligraphy) and fine liners for texture work, David successfully proves that it is indeed the talent not the tools that are king when it comes to calligraphy. 









This is Real



(This one is brush pen, but I agree with the sentiment and I’m pretty sure that’s what Jess Glynne was really singing about in that recent top 10 entry)


I think this counts to me as another lesson learned, so without further ado …I’m just off to buy some Crayola markers. 


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