Crayola Art

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Crayons are the currency of kidhood, and there’s no memory quite as reassuring as holding one in your pudgy hands as a child. And Crayola are of course, the Ferrari of crayons; the very definition of iconic, they’ve inspired and nurtured the creativity of a hoard of artists past and present.

Artist Hoang Tran has turned the idea of a crayon as an art tool on its head, and used the tips of these magical little colour sticks to carve pop culture figures and characters.

These sculptures bring together familiar faces from childhood incluing stars from the likes of Star Wars, Gremlins, The Little Mermaid, The Simpsons and Sesame Street. From R2-D2 to Ariel, these amazing crayons are striking and on point.

With the help of some extra large Crayolas, the colour on these hand-carved artworks is added using melted bits ‘n’ bobs from other coloured crayons.

You can see more of these epic carved crayons on his blog Wax Nostalgia, and you can buy these amazing pop culture pens in his Etsy shop.


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