This Cat is Angry

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The world has finally found what it has been looking for all these years, a new Grumpy Cat. And this fluff ball has a good dose of angry in his grump.

If looks could kill then Garfi, the furious ginger feline would be in big trouble. The most irate cat in existence, Garfi is plotting world domination one fish at a time. This furry villan lives in Turkey with his human minion Hulya Ozkok.

Whether sulky under a rainbow umbrella or hatin’ in a santa suit, Garfi has turned being in a foul mood into an art form. From reading to sitting in a drawer, and from bathtime to dungarees, Garfi can pull off angry in all manner of locations and outfits! 

There’s a new moody feline in town, and we can’t help but love Garfi, and wish desperately that we could meet him in the fur and give him all the cuddles! All of them!


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