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French Photographer Charles Pétillons ‘Invasions’ is a strange, surreal and compelling series of photographs showing white balloon-like balls bursting from various structures. Whether the ‘bubbles’ are escaping from windows or hanging in the air like a cloud, these strange but beautiful images are meant to emphasize how we experience more than just the buildings and structures themselves – they come with another emotional response that isn’t immediately visible – brought to life in the form of white ‘bubbles’.

Whether they’re city based, or slap bang in the middle of the countryside, these images make you do a double take.

The photographs form an exhibition at Maison Européene de la Photographie in Paris which is open for part of February and March. With names like ‘Play Station 2’ and CO2, these photographs are amazing stand alone pieces as well as a compelling collection.

You can see more work by Charles on his website here: www.charlespetillon.com.


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