Because adults can colour too

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If, like me, you love illustration but you have the sketching skills of a crippled gnat, then perhaps you might find solace in a newfound craze that seems to be striking a chord amongst those that need a little artistic escape.

Colouring books for adults are the latest fad to hit Amazon’s bestsellers list, claiming five of their top twenty selling spaces. Whether you’re longing for a nostalgic afternoon of childhood regression, or you want to park your stresses and forget about the world, these illustrated companions give you the chance to melt away, but without the pressure of a blank page. Great news for those of us who are stumped when it comes to drawing anything more technical than a stickman.


Illustrator Johanna Basford reigns queen of the trend having sold over a million copies of her colouring book, Secret Garden. Her follow up, Enchanted Forest will have you lost in the midst of a fairytale in no time.




 Here’s to licking the nibs of pens when they’re about to run out, swapping felt-tip tips with friends, and welcoming words like Stabilo and Berol into your vocabulary once again.


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