Beautiful Back lit Dioramas by Denver Duo

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Hari and Deepti are a dynamic duo originally from Mumbai, India. They impressed the world and did the rounds in the blogosphere last year with a series of fantastical back lit dioramas. Working in the realm of paper cuts since 2010 the couple have evolved their technique over time, graduating from hand cut watercoloured pieces to the more refined, mystical and moody pieces you see below.

The incorporation of flexible led lighting strips and intricate overlapping layers create a natural frame for the pieces, giving us the sense that we’re glimpsing a magical fairytale world within each carefully constructed piece. The narrative considerations within the pieces, and the fact that they resemble a kind of beautiful key frame from the world of animation, makes me want to dive in and find out more.

The Artists exhibit around the world and keep their Instagram regularly updated with examples of their work. You can also check them out at the Black Book Gallery website should you be interested in reading a more thorough history of the couple, or if you’d like to purchase prints and originals. 












Photos copyright: Hari and Deepti
HT: Colossal

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