Banana Doodles (and a Pear)

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I’ve often told people that drawing on a banana with a biro is amazing… the pen flows easily on the skin and it has, well at least for me, some therapeutic qualities… go on try it for yourself!

But Dutch artist, Stephan Brusche, has taken the obsession much further and has created incredible banana artwork.  He takes it a step further by cutting the banana skin or adding other banana’s to the mix.  Banana fans can find out more about his work, and also purchase some as prints via his website here.

Now before you all think I’m crazy, I realise that one of these pictures is actually a pear.  But that Kiwi is so amazing I had to throw him in…

banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-7 banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-3 banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-11 banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-15 banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-14 banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-4 banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-8 banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-6 banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-10 banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-9 banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-13 banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-19 banana-art-by-stephan-brusche-20 10425168_976763475687056_6040643142244173689_n

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