Balloon Animals by Masayoshi Matsumoto

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If you’re afraid of balloons then this blog post probably isn’t going to appeal to you.  Japanese balloon artist Masayoshi Matsumoto (who is 25 by the way) creates amazing balloon sculptures ranging from animals to insects… he’s also created the flesh eating plant from The Little Shop of Horrors!  What’s even more impressive is that Masayoshi doesn’t use any glue, tacks, tape or fairy dust to make these models… it’s all simple balloon folding and will-power!

balloon-animals-by-masayoshi-matsumoto-3 balloon-animals-by-masayoshi-matsumoto-16 balloon-animals-by-masayoshi-matsumoto-6 balloon-animals-by-masayoshi-matsumoto-4 balloon-animals-by-masayoshi-matsumoto-2 balloon-animals-by-masayoshi-matsumoto-9 balloon-animals-by-masayoshi-matsumoto-11 balloon-animals-by-masayoshi-matsumoto-15 balloon-animals-by-masayoshi-matsumoto-12 1479474_631812026949927_8645584778109030582_n 10710685_533185236812607_2399384026343362162_n

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